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Raul Gonzo, Color Madness PIctures


The Film Festival World Tour!

Leading up to our debut screening at the Crest, I became aware of something I hadn't considered much before, but at the same time was always in my head I think. People have been asking, "When can I watch Margo online?" The answer is this, please watch Margo properly in a theater. Here's why: At the screener, before Margo started I wanted to play trailers and other little visual items. My initial feeling for this was simply to give people a minute to settle before the film starts. Then as I spent a lot of time thinking about it, I realized that I would play short ads and movie trailers from the 50's, because for all intents and purposes, that is the time period Margo takes place. There are no cell phones or computers in the film, it's a bit ambiguous and I'm sure a historian would have a fit about certain items here and there, but for the most part the story says, "Hey, we're not in modern times, welcome to this weird version of the world, I think it's the 50's, but who knows?" People in the 50's watched movies at the theater and that's how I'd like people to see Margo. At least for now. Seeing everyone at the screener and hearing people talking to each other about it afterwards was absolutely the right feeling. This film was a two year labor of love. It was with a tremendously great effort it was produced, so in my giving it to the world, my one wish for those who are interested to see it is this: Please see it in a theater if you can. Support the film. Support the film festival. Support the arts. Support yourself getting out of the house! Please. and Thank you.

- Gonzo

Raul Gonzo at the Crest Theatre 7/7/18. Photo taken by Tyler Watkins.